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Want to Have a Baby? Try Yoga For Fertility


You don’t have to be a yoga guru, or much of an earthy person for that matter (unlike all the beautiful people who look really in touch with their bodies at the yoga classes). I’m just a regular person who wanted to have a baby the natural way over the age of 40. Yes, it’s possible – contrary to everything you hear about fertility declining in your late 20’s and how you must get to that fertility clinic before it’s too late.

When I decided that having a baby was the most important thing in my life, I revamped my lifestyle, my eating habits, and my exercise routine. I managed to naturally overcome infertility and recurrent miscarriage and have a normal pregnancy and normal delivery when I was approaching my mid-forties. Even though we’re a nation of couch potatoes, or perhaps more accurately, “office chair potatoes”, I had the opposite problem. I worked out too much. I was an exercise fanatic – and the harder and more high impact the exercise was, the better. When I went in for a few trial treatments of acupuncture, the acupuncturist told me that my body didn’t have the “constitution” for heavy exercise.

“So what should I do”? I asked. She recommended yoga. After some research, I found that there are some yoga poses and postures that can directly benefit the reproductive system by opening up the pelvic region and the surrounding structures to increase pelvic circulation. Additionally, yoga can help with overall relaxation.

Here is a summary of some of the yoga poses which can benefit the reproductive system:

1. The Bridge Pose – the bridge stimulates abdominal organs and can relieve menstrual discomfort if done regularly. It calms the brain and can help with stress. Start by lying on the floor. Bend your knees, put your fee flat on the floor as close to your sit bones as possible. Bring your buttocks up until you form a bridge and bring your hands together clasped underneath you.
2. The Cobbler’s Pose – this pose also stimulates abdominal organs, ovaries and is thought to be a natural remedy for infertility. Sit on the floor, bend your knees and let them lay out to the side. Bring your feet together and hold the toes or ankles with your hands.
3. The Lotus pose – this pose stimulates the pelvis, spine, abdomen and bladder. It can help ease the pain of childbirth if done throughout pregnancy. This pose starts by sitting cross legged on the floor. Slowly bring one foot on top of your thigh then the other foot on top of the other thigh. If this is painful, you may stay seated cross legged. Bring your thumb and middle fingers together and rest on your knees
4. The Reclining Hero pose – this pose probably needs to be done with support (a bolster pillow can be used along the length of your back). The reclining hero pose helps open up and stretch the abdomen and it can ease menstrual pain. This pose begins by kneeling then sitting down between your feet then slowly reclining down until you are laying on the floor. This is an intermediate pose and you may need additional support with a second pillow on your back until you become more experienced.

In my DVD, “Fertility Bodywork” I demonstrate these yoga poses among others and I also have a segment on fertility pelvic massage, acupressure and reflexology and daily routines which help increase pelvic circulation and oxygenation. All of these fertility enhancing techniques can be done by yourself in the privacy of your own home without the services of a paid professional.

As always, you should talk to your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine and this should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment.




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