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Jaipur – A Little Known Haven For Non-Vegetarian Delights


Though many believe that Jaipur is only survived with its highly overrated Dal Bati Churma and Gatte Ki Sabzi, there are some hidden gems in its array, which shouldn’t be missed at all costs. Imagining about delectable non-veg cuisine in Jaipur might surprise any average Joe, assuming that it’s the land of the majestic Marwars, who don’t even consider including onions and garlic in their meals. The non-veg items that you’ll learn about are some of the best Jaipur has to offer.

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan, is filled with numerous palaces and monuments and famous for deep-rooted history and the legends and myths of its Maharajas. For trying its famous non-veg dishes, you just need to take out a weekend’s time. Book a budgeted accommodation like Oyo rooms in Jaipur and you’re ready to explore the culinary delights.

The first entry in Jaipur’s non-veg delicacies is Keema Batti. If you might have seen or heard about Dal Batti, this famous dish is somewhat similar to it. The only difference is the use of minced meat instead of vegetables. This simple-to-cook yet amazing dish is a perfect balance of all the flavours. The batti is prepared using wheat dough, stuffed with minced meat and rolled into a ball. It is then baked over heated coals, a method of slow cooking also seen in Awadhi states, which churns and mixes the spices in the meat, thus, bringing you the true Rajasthani flavour. While some prefer having it smeared with ghee and curries, you can also consume it in a dry form, as the meat doesn’t easily loses its moisture.

The second fantastic entry in Jaipur’s non-veg delight is the Jungli Maas. Jungli is derived from jungle and during the rule of the kings, the meat used in preparing the dish were widely obtained from the hunt that Maharajas did. Also, if you look through the history, Jaipur was an important seat of power and local kingdoms often fought over for the supremacy. The kings and their battalion who spent days and months on the warfield, had to rely on the wild kills for food. Hence, you can often find variations like Mughlai, Marwari, Punjabi of Jungli Maas in Jaipur. Today, instead of wild boars, camels or buffaloes, mutton is majorly used for preparing the dish.

The last but not the least, is the very popular Laal Maas. Literally translated as red meat, this fiery dish might not be appealing if you have a weak tummy. This delighting dish is the pioneer of non-vegetarian food in not just Jaipur, but whole of Rajasthan. From flight, restaurants and to dhabas, you can find Laal Maas in the menus. Unfortunately, the majority of us have tasted only a mistreated version of Laal Maas, as it the dish is said to be very close to the hearts of the khansamas (chefs), who have successfully kept its ingredients a secret since ages. An authentic Laal Maas is prepared using mutton, yogurt for making the curry more acidic and Mathania red chillis from Jodhpur for the color. the curry is thick and dry and you can easily recognize the familiar flavours of cloves and garlic, fried in mustard oil. The entire dish is slow cooked on charcoal for a smoky appeal.

So, if you’re a true fan on non-vegetarian food then Jaipur is the place to be. The historical dishes in its kitty are a true specimen of Rajasthani culinary skills. If you’re planning to take a weekend out and enjoy these amazing delights, chart out your itinerary and pick a nice place from the various hotels in Jaipur.




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