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How To Enhance Your Website For Higher Returns


A customer-friendly and conversion-friendly website must have easy-to-use, goal-oriented, and responsive layout

For improved conversions, it is essential to pick the correct channels and structure the ads campaigns according to industry-wide best practices

In order to optimize the landing page, it is necessary to figure out the weak spots in the sales funnel

As the global pandemic instils a shift from offline to online mediums, it becomes imperative for businesses to optimize current offerings and gain higher returns from them. Website optimization is one such offering that must be primarily focused on.

For this optimization, the key features like layout, conversion-friendly content,  ads, analytics, and remarketing should be enhanced to ensure a seamless customer experience. Let’s further deep dive into these components and see how they can be effectively leveraged by companies to gain better RoI.

Focus On Website Layout For An Effortless Browsing Experience.

A customer-friendly and conversion-friendly website must have easy-to-use, goal-oriented, and responsive layout. Users are always looking for specific details that can help them make sound decisions. In order to encourage users to buy a product, it is always advisable to highlight such influential information ‘above the fold’.

For high conversion, ecommerce websites must also pay attention to flawless navigation, well-defined categories, impressive product pages, and a prominent search field. Along with these, a highly optimized website must focus on proper interlinking between pages, social proofs, easy checkouts, and featuring best selling products on the homepage.

The landing page should always be in line with what the customer is looking for. Many times, landing pages fail to convert a prospective customer when there is no relatability. Unintuitive design, mediocre headlines, and feeble call to action (CTA) are also a few common mistakes that can bring down the conversion rate.

A few best practices to create effective landing pages are including important information like estimated delivery time, eye-catching product demonstration videos, and effective statements like ‘limited stock’ to build a sense of urgency. Most importantly, include a powerful call to action in bold to further propel a customer to buy the product.

Create Captivating Content For An Improved Shopping Experience

In order to get the best results while creating new pages or optimizing existing ones, a few fundamental rules must be followed.

Product titles and descriptions give a clear picture of how the product can add value to the consumer’s lives. This makes it extremely crucial to create user-friendly content that highlights how the product can solve their pain points. Apart from this, visual content plays a significant role in broadcasting the main value proposition. High-quality images and videos lead to higher conversion rates by making up for the touch-and-feel factor that is presented in offline stores.

Few primary factors that people like to know are product specifications, pricing, and shipping information in a skimmable and easy-to-read manner. Furthermore, adding testimonials, answering FAQs, and building a strong review base can push shoppers from consideration to purchase by instilling brand trust. In the end, it positively impacts how users interact with the page and boost the chances of conversion.

Improve Ad Campaigns For A Better Conversion Rate

For improved conversions, it is essential to pick the correct channels and structure the ads campaigns according to industry-wide best practices. In order to target effectively, choose the right audience, pay close attention to relevant keywords, and filter out the irrelevant ones.

It is also important to bid aggressively on highly converting keywords and allocate larger campaign budgets to them. This not only gets better conversions and returns but also helps in controlling ad spends. Lastly, ensure that audience targeting, ad copies, and the landing page are all in harmony with each other.

Use Data Analytics Extensively For An Effective Sales Funnel

In order to optimize the landing page, ad campaigns and user journey effectively, it is necessary to figure out the weak spots in the sales funnel. This can be done by thoroughly understanding user behavior and excessive A/B testing. Once the problem areas are identified, measures must be taken to curb the bounce rate and increase revenue.

For example, if 75% of the page traffic is formed by users from the age group of 25 to 40, then tweaking the tonality and messaging of the website content to suit this age range is the best way forward. Furthermore, a large sum of the marketing budget can be targeted for this demographic. After this is done, use analytics to personalize the content that is visible to users as per the different elements that matter to them such as search terms, device, geographic location, and more.

Adopt Remarketing For A Higher Shot At Conversion

If done correctly, retargeting can be an effective data-driven tool to boost conversion rates. There is diversity in not just the visitors but also their interests and goals. Remarketing helps in targeting users that have shown keen interest while navigating through the website.

In this case, using information such as web searches, products viewed, and social media can help in creating personalized messaging and re-engaging with them effectively. Remarketing can convert loss-making ecommerce websites into a profitable and successful one.


All in all, analyzing customer behaviour to efficiently upgrade the website should be the primary step for every business. Improving the layout, personalizing content, and redefining marketing practices can help in catering to the changing needs of shoppers while also ensuring a seamless conversion funnel.

The significant shift to online shopping could have a long-lasting impact on consumer behaviour and their shopping habits. Businesses must, therefore, optimize their website and facilitate the unfolding needs of their customers to gain higher RoI at the earliest opportunity possible.




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