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Explainer Videos for Content Marketing


Putting video of any kind on your website will do a great deal for your search engine ranking. Google loves video and most video content that might otherwise compete with you for your key words is poorly optimized and doesn’t give Google what it needs.

But you want to make sure you get an explainer video made, as opposed to a product walk through, interview with stakeholders or any other type of video. These other videos may help you, but a good explainer will instantly make you more marketable than 90% of your competition. It’s amazing, really, how many companies have a web site that does not explain what they actually do.

An explainer videos in action

If the average web user wants to buy a pizza, for example, and does a Google search on pizza + the name of his town, bravo if your pizza parlor comes up in the search results. But if your restaurant is called Mama Kat’s or Chez Louis or something similarly generic, you have maybe a second after he clicks your link, maybe two or three, but no more, to let that user know that you have the best deep dish in town and that it’s lovingly made from organic tomatoes according to a traditional recipe. For example. If he can’t determine whether you sell what he wants he will probably click the Back button and move on to the next result.

Naturally your video will be more than two or three seconds long, but a descriptive title and a detailed caption and description let him know this content has information related to his needs. Since you presumably featured the word pizza very prominently in your title, caption, and description, he’ll already know that you’re a pizzeria. The goal of the explainer video is to get across to him how special your brand of pizza really is.

The video doesn’t have to be long; in fact some say the ideal length is 45-90 seconds. Think of it as an online elevator pitch. What do you do? What your video should contain is a pithy explanation of why your product is awesome, and lots of dash, passion and personality.

Make it easy to spread the word

One of the best reasons to make explainer videos is that it’s a golden opportunity to make your business case on your own terms. Don’t let it become a product walk through that covers every detail of its functionality.

The goal here is to explain to people why they want it. If you make this explanation interesting enough you may find that your web users are sharing your video with their friends, but don’t count on going viral. While it would be nice, it isn’t necessary. You are just explaining why your product is amazing. Since of course it is, you don’t need gimmicks. Video quality does matter though; an amateurish video may make viewers wonder if your product is hastily slapped together as well.

A good video on a company website reportedly can increase conversion by up to 70%. More important, it’s a nice concise summary for any journalists whose eye you might happen to catch. Reporters like most humans are busy, and they need to determine really quickly whether your company would make a interesting story or not. An explainer video prominently displayed on your landing page can help them decide that you are. If they like it enough they may include it with the web version of their story about you. This is your own narrative, being distributed for you by other people who just like it.




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