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CBSE Board Cancel News 2020 Update | CBSE 10th 12th Result 2020 Assessment Evaluation Criteria Latest Details on Central Board of Secondary Education | Confusion visible on scoring pattern, demand for moderation policy to prepare students results


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Jun 28, 2020, 09:00 AM IST

After the CBSE exam status is clear, now students and parents are getting confused about the result and its scoring pattern. After the cancellation of the remaining examinations, there are still many questions in mind about the pattern being adopted to prepare the result. In this regard, CBSE presented the draft notification in the court and informed the students, parents and teachers about the criterion of scoring pattern.

This will be the scoring pattern

Students will now be given numbers in the remaining subjects based on the average of marks found in their best performing subject. Also, if a student has given more than 3 subjects papers, then three of them will be given numbers in the remaining papers based on the average marks of the best performing subject. Students who have appeared in the examination of 3 subjects will be given numbers in the remaining papers based on the best marks of two i.e. the best marks of 2 subjects. The result of the student who has given all the exams will be decided only on the basis of their performance in the exam. Apart from this, the students who are unhappy with the result, give the optional examination, their result will be decided on the basis of the number found in those examinations.

Students seeking moderation policy

Since the issuance of the assessment scheme by CBSE, the demand of implementing the moderation policy has been raised by the students. In such a situation, we tried to know with the help of experts that what is a moderation policy and how can it be implemented in the current situation? Experts show that moderation policy can be used in normal circumstances. Each board has its own moderation policy, based on which necessary changes can be made in the results of children. But, at present, the country is struggling with an extraordinary situation, in such circumstances, there is currently no provision for this policy.

What is a moderation policy?

Moderation is a process in which numbers are increased to students. However, there may be several reasons for these numbers to be increased. Sometimes it happens that some set of questions are easy and some are difficult. In such a situation it can be wrong to give equal number of students with easy and difficult set. To avoid such a situation, the numbers are increased with the help of moderation policy.

How do you get a moderation policy?

The numbers found under the moderation policy are not given equally to all students. If a student fails in a subject, he does not get the benefit of moderation policy. At the same time, under this policy, it is also taken care that after the increased number, there should not be more than 95 marks in any subject of the student. For example, if a subject is given 10 numbers under the moderation policy and the student has 89 marks, then it will be increased by only 6 digits. At the same time, the student whose marks will be less than 85, gets 10 full marks of moderation.

Why dispute over moderation policy?

In 2016, when the numbers were unexpectedly increased under this policy, the controversy started. In such a situation, a meeting was called, in which it was agreed to abolish the moderation policy between CBSE and 32 other state boards. But the Delhi High Court thus refused to end the policy in between.

After this, the Central Government formed a committee called Inter Board Working Group (IWBG) to give an equal number to all the students appearing for the 12th examination in the year 2018. In this regard, the government also said that this policy should be done only in those situations, when there is a difference in the level of difficulty of questions in different sets of question papers, in other circumstances moderation should end.




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