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Ayodhya Ram Mandir Pujari Satyendra Das Information | All You Must Know About Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Chief Priest Satyendra Das | Satendra Das says, I used to be there when the Babri demolition occurred, it was 11 o’clock within the morning, we picked up Ramlala and went away, in order that he could be secure.


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  • Ayodhya Ram Mandir Pujari Satyendra Das Information | All You Want To Know About Ram Janmabhoomi Temple Chief Priest Satyendra Das

Ayodhya2 hours in the pastWriter: Ravi Srivastava

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  • Now belief has been created, after the temple is constructed, I can not say whether or not I shall be a priest anymore.
  • Satendra Das says, there was a ache within the thoughts that Ramlala is within the tent however now our lovable Shri Ram has come out of the tat and are available into the limelight

The chief priest of the Ram Janmabhoomi is Satyendra Das. Says “The biggest thing is the Ram temple is being built. For 28 years I have been serving Ramlala as a priest. There was a feeling in my mind that Ramlala was in a tent, but with the grace of Thakur ji everything came true. Now our adorable Shri Ram has come out of the tat and has come to grief.

Since, now the trust has been formed, after the temple is built, I cannot say whether I will be a priest anymore. Because my relationship in the middle had deteriorated with the VHP. In 2000, many big VHP leaders including Ashok Singhal forcibly entered the birthplace. There was also media behind him.

The then DM Bhagwati Prasad was trying to crack the case. However, this was not possible after the news ran in the media. Later, when the reporters asked us too, we also told the name. After this the VHP people got angry with us.

Although we kept the relationship, the right thing is that it is no longer the case. She is 80 years old. Has spent 28 years serving Ramlala. If I get a chance, I want to spend the rest of my life in his service as well.

Till now we all came to know him as a priest. Today we take you back to their previous lives.

Ayodhya left home in 1958
Satyendra Das tells that I am a resident of Sant Kabir Nagar. Ayodhya used to come with her father since childhood. At that time the surrounding environment was also very religious. Father used to come to Abhiram Das ji. Abhiram Das is the one who kept the idols in the sanctum sanctorum in the Ram Janmabhoomi in 1949. I was also impressed by them.

I wanted to study as well, so on 8 February 1958, I came to Ayodhya. In my family we had two brothers and one sister. When Dad came to know that I wanted to become a monk, he was very happy. He said that one brother would stay at home and one would go to serve God. Then I left. Now there is a brother in the family. Sometimes comes and goes. I also go home on festivals, celebrations, worship etc. The sister has died.

Satyendra Das, the chief priest of the Ram Janmabhoomi, has two brothers. He has a brother at home. His sister has passed away.

Assistant teacher job in 1976
Satyendra Das explains that here I passed the Acharya from Sanskrit school in 1975. In 1976, I got an assistant teacher’s job in the grammar department at Sanskrit College, Ayodhya. At that time there was a salary of 75 rupees. During this time I also used to visit Ram Janmabhoomi. Shri Abhiram Das was our Guru. During this time I also used to go for Katha, Puja etc. In the Navratras, the urn was also established in the birthplace. Never thought that I would ever become the chief priest here.

Ramlala’s chance to serve on 1 March 1992
Satyendra Das says that everything was going normal in life. Laldas was the priest of Ramlala in 1992. At that time, the receiver was responsible to the retired judge. At that time JP Singh was appointed as receiver. When he died in February 1992, the responsibility of arranging the Ram Janmabhoomi was given to the district administration. Then there was talk of removing priest Laldas.

At that time, I had a close relationship with the then BJP MP Vinay Katiyar VHP leaders and many saints who were in contact with VHP leaders. Everyone decided my name. The consent of the then VHP president Ashok Singhal was also agreed. Everyone was apprised to the district administration and thus I was appointed on 1 March 1992. I was empowered that I could also have my 4 assistant priests. Then I hired 4 assistant priests.

Satyendra Das has been serving Ramlala for 28 years.

This was the routine from temple to school and school to temple
Satyendra Das explains that it was a little difficult to reconcile the school and the temple at that time, but everything became easier because of the helpful priests. Stayed in the temple from 10 am to 10 am, then from 10 am to 4 pm. Then in the temple from 4 pm till evening. In this way the work of worship was also going on and school was also going on.

100 rupees was paid as priest
Satyendra Das says that since I taught in aided school, I used to get salary from there too. In such a situation, I used to get only 100 rupees as a priest in the temple. When I retired as a teacher on June 30, 2007, I again started getting salary of 13 thousand rupees. My assistant priests get salaries of 8000 rupees right now.

Ramlala was seated in the tent for 28 years. Now their temple is going to be built.

When the Babri demolition happened, I was trying to save Ramlala
Satyendra Das says that I was there when the Babri demolition took place. It was 11 in the morning. The stage was set. Loud speaker was installed. The leaders said that the priest should offer Ramlala as an offering and close the curtain. I put the veil on by offering it. The day before, the kar sevaks were asked to bring water from Saryu. A platform was built there.

It was announced that all the people should leave water on the platform and wash it, but the young men who were there said that we have not come here to wash with water. We will not do this service. After that slogans started. All the young men were excited. They broke the barricading and reached the disputed structure and started breaking. In the meantime, we started saving Ramlala so that he does no harm. We picked up Ramlala and went aside. Where he did no harm.

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